Open science – Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences (LCAS)

Open access to results and data has been a trend in the EU in recent years, which is gradually coming to the Czech Republic. Open access promotes the preservation, verification or wider use of outputs/results and data from research and development in practice or in follow-up research (even in another field). It accelerates the achievement of outputs/results and significantly supports innovation. Open access also contributes to transparency and control of the use of public resources, and increases quality, trust and creativity in research. Finally, it is gradually making its way into legislation and into the requirements of funders.

Therefore, the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences  provides Open Science services to CAS departments:

  • Consultation on:
    • Meeting the Open Science requirements of funders.
    • Setting internal data and publication policies.
    • Creating and managing data management plans.
    • Selecting the most appropriate repository for storing research data.
  • Providing for the operation and development of the institutional repository of the CAS – ASEP.
    • Repositories for Open Access publications.
    • Repositories for storage of research data.

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